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Private. Secure. Decentralised. This is your space.

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Presale Stage 1 on now • 12.75c per ESOS

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A suite of private, end-to-end encrypted and completely decentralised tools

Secure Password Management

Private Communication

ESOS Crypto Wallet

Notepad & Pasteboard

Private Agreements

Meeting & Task Manager

Private & Shared Calendars

Corporate Voting

Announcement Channels

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1,000,000 ESOS available!

ESOS Token Function & Benefits

  • Required for Eso credits, for tools and services within the platform.

  • Transfer ESOS tokens to other users, with no ETH required for gas. No crypto knowledge required!

  • Every ESOS token used, will be locked forever, constantly reducing supply.

  • All ESOS tokens used by Eso are purchased from the exchange, ensuring constant volume.

The ESOS Presale Commences November 16

  • 49,000,000
    ESOS available
    70% of total supply

  • Presale Stage 1: 12.75c
    Presale Stage 2: 13.5c
    Main Sale 1: 14.25c
    Main Sale 2: 15c
  • BTC, ETH & POLL Accepted.
    POLL contributions receive a 20% Bonus!

  • $1,000,000 Soft Cap
    $7,350,000 Hard Cap

  • End-to-end Encrypted

  • Secure and Private

  • Completely Decentralised

  • Open Source on Launch


November 12, 2018 • KYC Opens
November 16, 2018 • Presale Commences
January 4, 2019 • Main Sale Commences
Feburary 2019 • Token Sale completed, ESOS Distributed
February 2019 • ESOS listed on exchanges
May 2019 • Basic Working Prototype
October 2019 • Eso Alpha Release (mobile app)
October 2019 • Pre-launch marketing campaign commences
December 2019 • Eso mainnet launch
December 2019 • Eso product launch
December 2019 • Major marketing campaign

A proven track record of integrity, production and success.

Having successfully held an ICO for ClearPoll in October 2017, reaching hard cap and delivering a fully working product, no team in this space has a reputation quite like ours. If you do some research into ClearPoll, you’ll soon understand why you can participate in the Eso token sale with confidence.

The Eso Team

Daniel Abela


Robert Culley


Adrian Daluz


Evgeny Ardashev

UX Designer

Chris Hitchins


Luke Hedger


Kenneth Johnson


Simon Cocking


Dale Drury

Community Manager


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